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Made for each other



This is a true story of an Indian girl who married a foreigner.There was a guy all the way from Korea working as a cam engineer& there was an Indian (New Delhi) based girl. They were neighbours. It was a day night of Diwali (an Indian festival of fire crackers) the whole atmosphere was lighted. Everywhere there were fire crackers & the dark night seemed to be a beatiful day. when everone were playing with the lights & the crackers the guy (Korean) was also playing with his friends and in the meanwhile the girl was trying to enjoy the atomosphere with her brother's son outside the house suddenly she saw where the guy & his friends were playing. It was for the first time the girl saw the guy & it was like "love at first sight". One of the guy's friend suddenly came and asked the girl " Can I have a snap of your's"? The girl was a little confused but replied "Sure why not?" Then the girl looked at the guy for sometimes and then returned home as she had to attend the Diwali pooja(worshipping Gods & goddeses on Diwali night ) at home. Made for each otherThe memorable night was all over then. The next day the girl was so curious about the guy that she started making inquiry about the guy a near by kid about the guy & that kid told him everything about the guy. It was aftre that the story started, Thet girl after knowking about the guy slowly started liking the guy. Bue she herself didn't know why she has that feeling?. Few days passed away.Then oneday the guy's servant came with the snap the guy's friend taken the Diwali night and asked cleverly "Mam is this your snap"? The girl replied "Yes it is" The servant then requested to take that snap but the girl refused to take that and told that "please give it to him (the guy)". And the servant being an obidient one gave the snap to the guy.Then after that the actual story begun.The guy and the girl started looking at eachother continiously for 15 days. The girl waits for her on her house & the guy used to visit her. One day the guy having courage stopped his bike outside the gate of her colony. At that time the girl was outside the gate also. The guy then asked her name .Then the girl told his her name ans also asked "do you know to speak english"?The guy replied "yeah a but a little". The guy then gave the girl the snap taken by his friend Diwali night. But the girl denied & kept the snap in the guy's diary. Then the guy left for his office. That was all for that day. The guy and the girl were neighbours. As time go by the guy and the girls felt more weakness about eachother. In the morning time there was no problem for the two to see eachother but in the evening time the girl is not usually at home as she has to attend her computer clases. But the guy miss the girl so much that he used to visit to her home thrice a day to see the girl and aftrewards he started going there anytime.They had thier first date in a place named Nirulas(New Delhi)At that time the guy was so curious to see the girl and same was from the girl's side. Whenever the girl hears the sound of the bike of the guy. She feels so happy and runs to see him. They both knew that something is sure which will develope between them.Then it was time for talking on phone. The guy gave his number to the girl and the girl as soon as she got the number called the guy and talked with him for long. They used to talk about manythings. They wanted to know about eachother properly & also wanted to discover eachother's feelings. That's hwy they used to talk on the phone for a longer time. Then it was time for both of them to say abt what they actually feel about eachother. But they both werenot ready to ask directly to eachother. Made for each otherThat's why the guy took help of one of his friend. One of the friend of the guy once asked the girl "Do you love him"? But he reply was a bit shocking. The girl replied "No not really I like him as a friend that's all nothing else". But the clever friend played a trick and said the girl that "But do you know my friend has a gf"???? Then the girl was really shocked and told his friend to Tell your friend that I don't want to talk with him anoymore now." Then the guy's friend told her " Why you are jealous???That's it. It is beacuse you love him.You are jealous of him." The girl was a little confused she thought may be that was love and felt like yes it is love. The girl wanted to listen it from the guy and wanted him to commit. But the guy was a bit afraid of thinking that if he will tell about his feelings he may loose his love. So the guy's friend asked the guy to tell his feelings to her. He told the guy to tell him just once about his feelings.Then the guy tried to say about his feelings but after having a lot of courage he ended in saying "I like you!!!!!!!". But when asked again the guy atlast told " I love you" and the girl also replied "me too". Thats' how their love journey started. Once the guy called the girl to his home & the girl went to meet him with her two friends. Then the love bords started meeting eachother.Due to restrictions at home the girl usually meet the guy at her computer institute. They both managed to meet eachother anyhow and It was continued then for few days. But for 15 days. They both were worried how to meet eachother. But they still managed & continued talking on phone. The girl had restrictions at home. She usually talked with the guy without anyone's knowledge at home. She first gets a ring from her friend and after talking few words she cuts the phone and started talking with the guy. But she was unknown what the cruel time had for her. Once when she was talking with the guy she was caught by her father. At that time the guy was saying "I love you " and the girl was replying the same. The story took a different shape then.Her father who is a strict and a man of principles questioned the girl about the matter. But the girl simply denied. But after asking for so many times the girl had to say all about the matter.Everybody were shocked in her family hearing all the matter. They were not ready to accept that kind of relationship of their daughter and then the tragedy took place in the girls' life. Her father who is a strict person made a deadline for the girl to forget the guy at anycost. According to him that relationship was not possible. But it was totally impossible for the girl to forget the guy. Her father even told the guy not to meet her daughter anymore. and if he will still do that then he will have to pay a big cost for that. He threatened the guy to throw him out side of India. Those were the days which were very heavy for the love birds. Inside their hearts they were feeling like killing. They were so confused.The buisiness partner of the guy's boss who also knew the guy tried to solve the problem by teeling the girl's father that there was nothing between them & the are just friends. This made the girl's father much confused. He asked his daughter "What is this he is telling that you are friends and you are telling that you are in love"? The girl was so tensed untill she heard from the guy that he loves her truly and will marry her. Made for each otherThis gave the girl a little encouragement her father was not ready for all these. When the computer institute opened the gilr wanted to go to attend her classes. But her father let her go in one condition. He They girl had no other way out she promised and left for the classes. Bue when she reached at the institute she found the guy waiitng for her. As the girl promised she though didn't want but beahved like as if she didn't see him. But the guy called the girl. she refused but the guy then took her hands and took her away in his car and told. " I love you and I will have to marry you no matter what". The girl who was so confused what to do . She was trying to control her feelings but this time she couldn't she said yes in the reply. Eveything was ready then but except the girl's family hesitation. They tried six long months to made the girl's father realise and accept their realtionship but that was of no use. They used to meet eachother in the meanwhile but they were sad. They were so confused what to do and also they were having a fear whether their relationship will be sucessful or not. The girl was do depressed & many evil thoughts came to her mind like to finish herself or to leave home. But then she decided to give All these couldn't be watched by her mother. All the family members were scared about the guy that he is a foreigner and he may leave their daughter in the future. Her mother told the girl to take the help of grandfather (Bauji) and the gradfather told her father about all the things and made him realise that. When two perons love eachother so dearly & truly . We don't have any right to stop them. hen after few dark days a light of hope came. The the father realised the things and was finally agreed.!!!!!!!!!. It was an unforgottable day for the love birds. They were so glad they didn't belive that was true. Then after all the inquiries about the guy they all decided to give their daughter to the guy.But after so many difficulties and obstacles the marriage of the love bird took place. Made for each otherit was like dream coming true for both of them. They both were so glad. And they proved that " WHATEVER MAY BE THE DIFFICULTIES LOVE ALWAYS FIND WAYS AND CROSSES ALL THE BOUNDARIES AND OBSTACLES . LOVE ALWAYS WINS" They both are winners all the way and now they are living happily in Korea with eachother sharing eachother's sorrows, feelings. emotions and everything.

" They are made for eachother "


~~~~~~THE END~~~~~

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