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Laila Majnu

Laila Majnu

The A son was born to Shah Amri an Arab chieftrain. The boy was names Qasis. Astrologers predicted that Qasis would be wandering in wilderness at the age of 12, ans would be known for the romantic saga of his life.Shah Amari produced various types of amulets, talismen and charms and offered prayers for qasis. But nothing would change the predicted destiny. As Qais grrw up, he was sent to Damuscus for education at the religious school of the aged Maulavi Shafi Ullah. It was a co-education institution.

The time for the prediction to come true have arrived. Laila, the daughter of the Najd chieftain, was also sent to the Damuscuc school. Qais was enchanted at her first sight and remained absorbed in her thoughts. The teache(maulvi), fellow students, parents and all others tried to divert his mind and asked to concentrate on his studies, but he wouldn't listen. Laila Majnu

The Love of Qais has a magnetic effect upon Laila, and the Laila Qais love tale reached the ears of the Najd chieftain. In order to protect his honour, he confirmed his daughter to the four walls of his house after withdrawing her from school.

With Laila out of his sight, Qais lost self-control and he wandered in the woods of Najd like an insane person. Laila too grew frail in the absence of Qais.Her parents failed to prevail upon her and she found it beyond her to control herself.

Qais had become abonormally obsessed with the love of Laila, so people began to call him Manjoon-the obsessed man, and he in known by this name till today. Majnoon has become the symbol, the synonym, and the living embodiment of profound love.

One day Majnoon passed unawaresby the palace of the Najd chieftain sighting and crying. "Ah Laila, Oh Laila!" Laila was, at that moment, talking to her father, She kept him busy with something else and ran to the window opening on the street Majnoon was passing by .All of a sudden he looked up and fell unconscious as he had a glimpse of of his love Laila. After a while, when he recovered his consciousness, Laila consoled him ; " My beloved Qais, Keep heart for a while , and don't be impatient. I belong to you, I am separable from you."

Laila was consoliing Majnoon but as she was herself losing consciousness, she fell down from the window with a loud thus. this made Majnoon unconscious once again. She was picked up by her father and confined to the inner sanctum of his palace. His men drove away Laila Majnu Majnoon to wilderness and left him there.

After some time Shah Amari visited the najd chieftain and asked for the hand of his daughter Laila for his son Majnoon. Laila's father tld Shah Amari aplogetically that his son was mad and he would not marry his daughter to him. Shah Amari beseeched hom to see Majnoon and to personally find out if e was really mad. " He is of course obsessed with his love Laila, but he isn't mad," Said the Shah.

Shah Amari then went out in search of his son. Majnoon lay unrobbed under a tree. When the Shah took him, he asked. " Who? Laila ! my Laila!" Shah Amari pleaded with his son that if he is promised to behave normally in the presence of Laila's father, he would be married to Laila. Majnoon agreed. A well made-up and richly attired Majnoon was taken to the palace of Najd chieftain who agreed to wed his daughter to him. In the meanwhile a god entered the drawing room and it was introduced by the Najd chieftain as the pet of Laila. Majnoon immediately lifted the dog into his arms and kissed him passionately. Laila's father was incensed at the scene and told Shah Amari that his son was definitely mad, otherwise he would have never kissed a dog.

The news of the Najd chieftain going back on his word to give his dauaghter in marriage to Majnoon spread far and near. This enraged another arab chieftain Naufeel who laid siege of his place and arrested him . Laila's father pleaded with his captor, Had you been the father of of Laila, would you have given her to mad boy in marriage? If yes , I will abide by your orders. " Naufeel immediately released the Najd chieftain. Laila was denied to her lover who wandered in the jungles crying:" Laila! My Laila!"

Laila was married to Bakht, son of Ameer Salim, On the honeymoon night Bakht threw his Arms around his bride to embrace her. It became undearabele for Laila. She slapped Bakht in his face and said, "Majnoon alone could be my husband. you must not touch me!" Bakht was enraged and cried out : Talaq, Talaq, Talaq . this was enough under the islamic law. Laila got her divorce. She at once left for the Najd jungle in serach of her lover. She found him, and both of them lay unconscious in a passionate embrace. Laila's mother reached there right in time and took unconscious Laila home onr her camels'a back. On regaining consciousnes Laila became aware of the situation. Sge could not bear to be once again separated form her lover, and she died of the shock. Laila Majnu

The new Laila's death reached the ears of Majnoon and he too died instantaneously. The people of the Najd who had earlier refused to recognize Majnoon were shocked to hear of his death. They went out in sreach of hid dead body, discovered it and brought it to the town. The funeral procession of the two lovers was taken out jointly. Laila and Majnoon had become martyrs at the altar of customs and tradition of their society. They could not be united in life, beacuse unity in life depended on social sanction which was denied to them but they were united in death as it was within the reach of their heart. And, when the frozen social consciousness was shocked by the dejected lovers' death, it melted away. The dead bodies of Laila and Majnoon were laid side by side in onr grave and the hands which had failed in the sacred duty of showering flowers on the loving couple were obliged to sprinkle tender dust upon their corpses and bury them. The lips which had refused to bless them, now opned in sighs and sobs.The grave became a sacred place of pilgrimage for lovers all over the world. The ravages of time have destroyed the grave but the love -saga of Laila - Majnoon shall live for ever and ever.



( The depth of their love )

Laila Majnu

One day a person was performing namaaz in the desert. That sunny afternoon Majnu crossed in front of the person who was performing namaaz. DesertThe person got angry and slapped on Majnu's face and said, `O Madman! How dare of you to cross a person who is performing namaaz. As per the divine verdict of Allah, crossing a person who is performing namaaz is the biggest sin! O dirty man! By crossing me you made fun of Allah's book. Remember! You will be given returns in an atom's weight.'
Hearing this loud voice, poor Majnu recalled where he was walking. His innocent heart couldn't understand what the man was saying? He asked with a humble voice, `O my brother! I was in such a mental state that I had literally forgotten this material world. To be frank, I don't know where I am walking. I am completely involved in my divine love. So, I couldn't see this material world.'
After saying this Majnu was about to walk on his mad journey. But his soul generated a divine question. He turned back and asked the person, `O my brother! I have one doubt. I was completely involved in my divine love, so I couldn't see this material world. But when you were involved in Allah, how you came to know that I crossed you? Please brother! For heaven's sake do not perform namaaz as a fashion-show.'
Hearing these wise words the person got shocked. He came near Majnu and held his hand with gentle love and said, `My dear friend, you are really a pearl of the desert. You have shown me the true path of Allah. In front of your divine love, my namaaz is really a fashion-show.' After saying this he looked at the sky above and said `O Allah! Even if I am defeated in life, let Majnu not get defeated. We are all just doing a business with you, but Majnu is really a crown of you.'
O my dear divine invisible souls! Always love like Majnu and become the crown of heaven. For your kind information, Majnu was not emotional, but he was completely involved in Laila and Laila in him. They are not two separate identities of the Middle East. They are an absolute one.
The art of oneness is itself is the great art of God and a true verdict of heaven.

~~~The End~~~~